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Centralized Bridge Hacks Cost DeFi Users over 2.2 Billion to date

x Centralized back-ends make bridges an easy target for hackers who have pillaged billions of user assets

x Bridges make it difficult to actually get the asset you want on the target chain, not to mention needing native gas tokens

x Asset pools can run out, creating situations where you start a bridge but be in queue to receive your desired asset

Morphswap empowers interoperable DeFi with fast-finality cross-chain swaps

The only solution is a fully-decentralized, permissionless, cross-chain AMM. Imagine swapping UNI on Ethereum for CAKE on BNB. Morphswap gives you that power.

Fully decentralized, on-chain computation and execution o Fast-finality support for any asset you can dream of All code updates are voted in by token holders


Our goal is to become the largest decentralized option for cross-chain value transfers. Our timeline is years. Here’s a few of our short-term goals.

Launch MVP

New UI/UX New Website First Partnership

Complete audit Second partnership

BTC Chain Support 2m$ TVL

Token distribution

1. Liquidity 30M. (20M as liquidity on traditional AMMs, 10M as liquidity on Morphswap as inter-chain liquidity)
2. Incentives 35M. (for the purpose of incentivizing initial liquidity on the Morphswap protocol)
3. Ecosystem Fund 10M.
4. Team 15M.
5. Reserves 10M. (for MS bridge and protocol inter-chain liquidity for upcoming supported chains)

Here is our white paper

We have prepared an extensive whitepaper where we have laid out how the protocol works in great detail. You can learn about the protocol architecture, the peripheral-central chain system, and the groundbreaking data transimssion method used by Morphswap.

If you want to take a look to know more about about us, click on the image if you want to get access to it

Want to know more?

We have written some articles in medium talking about our progress in the space, liquidity incentives and more...

Validator Nodes, Staking and BTC Support

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Partnership enquires please contact partners@morphswap.io

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